Let it be (1970)

Let it be (1970)

Directed by Michael Lindsay Hogg 

Starring The Beatles, Billy Preston

I know this might sound weird, but they did win the Oscar for Best Original Score. This one certainly was a shocker when I found out because as much as I knew of the history of the band, I never heard none of the members talk about the fact that they won the Oscar. It was Quincy Jones who accepted the Award because none of them attended, I think they did not think they could win.

The movie was an idea that Paul had to see if they could become a band again. After the period of heavy productions and sometimes recording in different studios, even if it was to save time, Paul was looking to bring them together again. To just be a band again and play music. The idea was to rehearse new material and record them live and release them as a live album. A great idea that was never really completed due to the fact that the band was breaking up. The reason I think the band hardly speaks of this film was just that, it showed them arguing and sometimes not having too much fun. But I blame this on the director, there is footage on YouTube where the band is enjoying themselves while recording Let it be, but he chose the grim parts only. Thankfully, Peter Jackson is using all the footage that remains to bring a new version of the Let it be documentary next year. Returning to the movie, it simply shows the band rehearsing the songs and then some are performed live in the studio and some are performed in what would be the last live performance of the band on the roof of the Apple offices. Even though the band was facing a tough time, the film was still interesting, it allowed us to see them in the studio. We see the evolution of songs like Two of us that started completely different and with John and Paul singing together in one mic, they looked like they were having fun. The ending of the film is really interesting and shows just how original The Beatles were since they could not agree where to hold the concert they did it on the roof. It is really interesting to see how people paralyze traffic and just stopping as they look up to see that The Beatles were there playing live. And it was funny to see the cops trying to stop them, as Paul said in the Beatles Anthology documentary, he wanted the police to take them away and use that to end the film. But in the end, they finished Get Back and with that the last time they would play together live, at least the four of them. 

Even with all that was going on, the fact is they still made beautiful music. This album has three of the best songs they ever recorded in my opinion in Let it be, Across the Universe and The Long and Winding Road. I celebrate the win because it is not directed at the film, it is directed at the songs. And the album might not be their best one, but still an amazing album. Two of us is a beautiful song and featuring Paul and John singing together. The Long and Winding Road is among Paul’s best ballads, Across the Universe is truly a John masterpiece, and we get songs that are rocking and fun like I’ve got a feeling, I Me Mine, For you blue and Dig a Pony. The film also includes the early stages of songs that ended up on the Abbey Road album, like Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Octopus’s Garden and Oh! Darling. And even songs like You’ve really got a hold on me, a song they covered when the played the Cavern before they made it big.

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