Ordinary people

Ordinary people (1980)

Directed by Robert Redford

Starring Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore and Timothy Hutton.

We are getting closer to Oscar night, so today I want to look at a film that I don’t hear many people mention it, but it won for Best Picture and Best Director and Best supporting actor for Hutton in the 1981 ceremony.

The story is really powerful, centered on a family that endured a tragedy in their lives. the movie centers around Conrad who returns from spending four months in a psychiatric facility after trying to commit suicide. He feels guilty for the death of his brother in a boating accident. He also struggles for the love of his mother, who seemed to love more the older son. Conrad’s father is in the hardest position as he tries to reconnect with his son and fears of anything that might drive him to try to kill himself again while trying to keep his relationship with his wife. Conrad struggles to return to normal living while he gets help from a psychiatrist that helps him heal the guilt he feels from the accident.

This is a great work as the director for the great Robert Redford. He touches each subject with the correct sensibility. He really got the best from his actors. Donald Sutherland is heart- breaking in the film, you feel his pain as he tries to save the relationship between his remaining son and his mother. Mary Tyler Moore stepped out of her lovable image to portray this mother who loved more her standing with people than her son. She was really brilliant in the role. Timothy Hutton in his first film role earning an Oscar for the role. I also have to mention Judd Hirsch as the doctor, he was effective in his performance.

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