Braveheart 1995

Braveheart (1995)

Directed by Mel Gibson

This is an epic film that I remember renting from the movie club near my house many times. It has everything, drama, love and action. Winner of 5 Oscars, including Best Picture and Mel Gibson won for Best Director.

The movie is based on the legend of William Wallace, who led Scotland in the fight for freedom from England and it’s awful King Edward “Longshanks”. The film starts as young Wallace witnesses his family murdered and is taken away by his uncle where he teaches William many things. Years later he returns and falls in love with Murron, a girl he knew as a child. The two get married in secret in order to avoid the cruel rule of Prima Nocte, where an english Lord had sexual rights of any bride on the night of their wedding. After an english guard notices that something was going on between Wallace and Murron, they try to get her, when Wallace attacks the guard they split up to escape but they catch and kill her. After avenging her death he sets out to earn freedom for Scotland. From there we see epic battles, betrayals and more romance.

Mel Gibson proved in this film his talent as a director. He knows how to tell a story. A talent that he used in this film perfectly. We as an audience fight along side Wallace in hope they achieve freedom. One of the best scenes is Wallace giving the famous speech about living in freedom.

The performances for me are great, but I praise all the cast, because no one stood out, each one of main characters gave great performances.

Another asset this film had was the score by James Horner.

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