What men want (2019)

What men want (2019)

Directed by Adam Shankman

Starring Taraji P. Henson, Aldis Hodge, Tracy Morgan

I went to see the movie because I really enjoyed the 2000 film What women want starring Mel Gibson. This film is based on that film, only that now is centered on a woman who can hear men’s thoughts. The story is basically the same with minor changes. In Mel Gibson’s version, he worked in an Ad Agency and did not get the promotion he wanted, given to Helen Hunt’s character. When an accident in his house grants him the power to listen to women’s thoughts he uses it to try to earn back that promotion. In this version, she is a sports agent working in an all-male agency. She hoped on becoming a partner but the opening was given to someone else. Then in a party, she drinks a special tea given to her by a pshykic and gets hit in the head and when she wakes up she has the ability to hear men’s thoughts. So, she uses it to advance in her work and to acquire the biggest client the firm was after. The athlete was a talented basketball player who had a father that was involved in all his dealings and was a key to landing the client. She did everything just to try to win him over, even pretending she was married and had a son, using a man she dated that had a son. 

When compared to the 2000 version, I have to say this film just looked to take away all the class the other film had. The jokes and scenes sometimes were not really necessary and sometimes just forced in order to get cheap laughs. The 2000 version did not have to go to those lengths. It seems that today for comedy movies and tv shows seems to rely on the easy jokes, go dirty and crazy and people laugh. Not many people laughed today in the theater. I think the movie did not work at all. 

The performances were forced, like for example Tracy Morgan’s character was a clear reference to the LaVar Ball, who seems to speak for his NBA son that plays for the Lakers. It was meant as a parody of him, but it just was not funny. All the jokes for me seemed forced and lacking substance. The 2000 version made you laugh without recurring obscenity and gimmicks. I left the theater wanting to see the 2000 version. I believe Hollywood should stop doing remakes unless they will work hard on making it fresh and with the same quality, not cheap imitations to make money at the box office. 

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