Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man (1988)

Directed by Barry Levinson 

Starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise

Today we look back at another Dustin Hoffman award winning film. This Film earned four Oscars, winning for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor for Hoffman and Best Original Screenplay. 

The movie is about a selfish Charlie Babbitt who is estranged from his father, but when his father died he expected to inherit his father fortune. Only to find out that he only got the car and a collection of rose bushes, leaving all his fortune to Raymond, a brother Charlie did not know existed. He then decides to look for his brother and takes him from the mental institution where Raymond lived, in order to get his half of the money. For Raymond, this is hard because he follows strict routines and constantly challenges Charlie because he does not know how to handle Ray. Slowly we see a change in Charlie and he actually starts to care about his brother and a relationship is formed between the brothers. By the end of the film, he does not care about the money, he just wants what best for his brother. 

This is a special movie and is very well written. It is funny and moving and it just holds you until the end. It is a film that I always remember even though I have not seen the film in a while. It was a big film the year it was released. The film achieves perfectly in demonstrating the changes in Charlie, they are subtle changes, we see it little by little, not as something that occurs without explanation. We can see why Charlie starts to care for his brother. 

Dustin Hoffman got a lot of praise for his role as autistic Raymond and very much deserved. He really studied his character and acted the role in such a brilliant way. From the movements and the way, he reacted to situations, he really was extraordinary. But, Tom Cruise also was on the top of his game, proving that he too can handle very serious roles, after this film he went on to play the role of Ron Kovic in Born on the fourth of July. He was so perfect in this role, and he and Hoffman really played well against each other, after all, most of the film is them on the road. 

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