Bohemian Rhapsody 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody 2018

Today, the movie is being released on Blue Ray and Dvd, let’s look back at the review of the film.

First of all, Freddie Mercury has to be the best frontman on any band. I say this because he loved the stage and knew how to involve the audience with every song. And the band was really good behind him. 

The movie centers around the life of Freddie, I say this because the other band members outside of the recording and band moments, we don’t see their personal lives, like we do for Freddie. The movie starts as the band is getting ready for Live Aid, a defining moment for the band and a moment where they simply stole the show. Just before the band gets on the stage, we flashback to a time when they were called Smile and their lead singer left the group and Freddie introduces himself to Brian and Roger. From then on we the rise of the band until we get to the point were it all falls apart and comes together again for Live Aid.

The movie is well done but for me, because I know of Queen, the timeline of some of the songs and situations were changed, but I’m sure it was done for dramatic purposes. But other than that, the movie is great. The scenes were the band is playing live are very well portrayed and the songs sounded great on the theater. 

Rami Malek was so good in the movie. he studies Freddie very well and went beyond giving a perfect imitation of Freddie. He has a pretty good chance at winning the Oscar for this performance, and it might be deserved. He is the main force behind the movie, and Mike Myers how great to see him again on the screen. And how great was the Live Aid scenes. 

I left the theater sad, because we lost Freddie due to aids. He did not want to be a poster child at the time for AIDS, but now we all can learn about the dangers of excess and not being careful. 

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