The Sting 1973

The Sting (1973) 

Directed by George Roy Hill

Starring Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Robert Shaw

I talked about this film a while back, but since it was only posted on facebook, I am going to update it a little bit and include this film on our countdown to Oscar night. Winner of 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. 

The story is mainly about a con artist named Kelly Hooker played by Redford, who after his mentor gets killed by a mob boss played by Shaw, seeks the help of Henry Gondorff played by Newman to even the score. Then the con begins and we don’t know what or who is part of the con until the end. For me is a perfect movie, one that is best enjoyed without knowing much details and just sit and for the ride. The movie is fun and keeps you waiting to see if these two con men pull it off.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford are a so good in this movie, but both of them are among the best actors ever in my book. But they play well together and both give great performance in the movie, but the whole players of con artist make the movie so entertaining and those being played also. It is a good cast that makes this move work. 

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