John Lennon: Imagine Ultimate edition.

When it comes to these releases, it is only for a huge fan of the artist. They are not cheap and repetitive, because they include various versions of the same song. But they provide an insight into the process of how the album came to be. Recent examples are the Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band box set of The Beatles. 

This album by Lennon is considered his solo masterpiece and it is. The collection is a really good one, you get a new remix of the classic that sounds great and you get songs not included on the album, only available on the Lennon anthology released many years ago. Included also are sessions with dialogues and false starts. One part I found interesting was the evolution mix, the song starts as a demo from and slowly ends with the master version. The book I have not seen because I bought the digital version, but includes lyrics and essays from those who were there while the album was made.

This is a special album for Lennon, he balanced expressing his political views with commercial songs and the mix was perfect. There are beautiful ballads like “Oh my love”, “How” and the classic “Jealous Guy”. And then we get the great song “Gimme some truth” aimed at politicians. There is also a song that is a clear attack on Paul McCartney, claiming he was responding to songs Paul released on his albums that he felt were aimed at him. The important thing years later they reconciled. The album features George Harrison on guitar and that adds so much to the songs.

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