A star is born

A star is born 2108

Directed by Bradley Cooper

Starring Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and Sam Elliot

This movie is so good on many levels. I really enjoyed it and found myself surprised by the movie because all I though would happen did not.

In terms of the film itself, the performances are so good. Everyone one is praising Lady Gaga and it is well deserved, she played the character so natural and displayed the right emotions on every scene. Earning her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, the competition is tough between Gaga and Glen Close, we’ll see who wins. Bradly Cooper also gave an amazing performance. He has been doing some great roles in my opinion since The silver linings playbook. Here he is lost in the drunken Jackson Maine. His performance earned him an Oscar nomination and I think he deserves the win. there were other actors who gave the film an extra charm. Sam Elliot and Dave Chappell are very good in the movie, Elliot earned a nomination for best actor in a supporting role. I don’t want to go deep in the film, I don’t want to give anything away, but one theme that I got, I don’t think it was intended, it is a criticism of the music business and how they take away the essence of the artist.

The music was good and very effective in the movie, I am not a fan of Lady Gaga but I admit she has an amazing voice and so does Bradly.

Overall I really believe the movie is very well done and a great directorial debut for Cooper.

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