Paul McCartney: Egyptian Station

Paul McCartney Egyptian Station

Released on 2018

There is not much that Paul McCartney has not achieved, yet he continues to make records that are fresh and with quality songs. I am a big fan of his latest records like “Chaos and creation” from 2005, “Memory almost full” from 2007 and “New” from 2013. His last album, “New” contained so many good songs that only speaks of this man talent. That after a career that began with The Beatles in 1963, still in the 2000’s he is making good music. I wanted to begin my review of his new album saying those things to give an idea of the expectation I had with this record. 

The first single released “I don’t know” was a good song, the melody and the lyrics were in my view beautiful, typical Paul, but still was a good song. From there on, the songs that he was releasing were to me, an attempt to appeal to a younger generation, just my opinion, and perception. I was really disappointed at the song “Fuh You”, he explained that it meant something else, but it sure sounded like he was referring to something else, just add a “ck” to “Fuh” and you will understand. For an artist like him, that song is completely unnecessary. But it worked because this album was his first number one album in the US charts in many years. 

There are good songs in it, I won’t completely knock the album down. For me the good songs are:

  1. I don’t know
  2. Who cares
  3. Happy with you
  4. Confidant
  5. Do it now

The rest of the songs are ok. I just think he should record his music without thinking of charts and hits. For me, his last album “New” was way better than this one. Yet, this album has received many great reviews. Just because I did not like the record so much, it does not mean it is a bad record, in the end, I can only give you my opinion on the album, but in the end, you have to listen to it and decide for yourself. One thing is true, he has stayed relevant, and from his era, not may have achieved that. 

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