Never Sleep Again


To me, one of the greatest characters from the 80’s horror genre is definitely Freddy Krueger. It really takes me back to those times and how my friends and I wanted to see those movies, and some of us were not allowed but found a way to see them. Even though they were horror films and many characters died, I think the element of fantasy made them easier to see, Jason and Freddie would not be coming back to life like in the films. Now horror movies are made so real that I kind of lost the interest in going to a theater and see a horror film. But in this era I remember watching so many films, I remember the movie Dolls, Child’s Play, Halloween and the funny but scary Killer Clowns from Outer Space among others.

So here we get one of the most detailed documentaries about a film that I have ever seen until I saw The Crystal Lake memories, even though they copied the concept of this documentary. Narrated by Heather Langenkamp who played Nancy on the first Nightmare film, Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. It was interesting to see the perspective of the creator Wes Craven on how he came up with the character and his honest opinion on the sequels, along with interviews from all the different cast members of the films. We get an insight on the special effects for the movies, and the cultural impact that Freddie Krueger had at that time.

Now I highly recommend the documentary but be prepared because it really is long, 240 minutes to be exact. This, along with the Crystal Lake Memories documentary, make an interesting film to see to remember those days when we feared to go to sleep.

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