The wife

The wife 2018

Glen Close, Jonathan Pryce, Christian Slater

Directed by Björn Runge

This movie was really a surprise. I just rented it to see why Glen Close was winning in all the awards shows, I’ll go into that later, and I found a pretty good movie. I think the trailers deceived me, it looked like a boring film.

The story is centered on the relationship between Joe and Joan Castleman and how they react to Joe winning the Noble Prize in literature. It is hard to get into details of the film without spoiling so I will say no further.

The quality of the story lies in the characters, they are all well written. The wife who has held back so much, the son looking for his father approval and biographer who wants to uncover the truth, see if his suspicions are right. The drama unfolds slowly but you never loose interest in the story and the movie.

I have to say Glen Close deserves the praises and recognition she is getting for her performance. She does such a good job at portraying the character’s anger and pain in a quiet way and even when she let’s her emotions go, she holds back again. I think she deserves the Oscar for the role. Jonathan Pryce also did a great job on the film and Christian Slater, one of my favorite actors growing up, also gave a good performance in the short time he had on the film.

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