The assassination Gianni Versace

The Assassination of Gianni Versace
Starring Penelope Cruz, Edgar Ramirez, Darren Criss, Ricky Martin
The second season in the FX series “American Crime Story” centers around the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace. The First season based on the OJ Simpson trial was a huge success and a great series with an awesome cast. I had high expectations for the next season and it did not disappoint. But this is a hard show to see honestly because it is not fiction even if some liberties are taken with some parts, when you look up information the essence of the what the show portrays happened.
In the case of OJ I knew most of what happened so the shock value was not really there; the main focus were the performances which were amazing. But with this case I was really shocked because I did not know anything about the case other than what happened to Versace. It is a hard to show to watch, as we see this troubled person fall deeper and deeper in mental problems and deeper in a world of make believe. The thing I did not expect was that the show really centers of the killer Andrew Cunanan and not so much on Versace. We see the story of Andrew and how his path to madness began and how sick he really was, some say he suffered from antisocial personality disorder, he was never diagnosed though (Amy, 2018). He seemed to think his valued was tied to the finer things. The show explores many theories and things about his life. He appeared to live with older gay men who gave him money and when he lost that he tried to reach the man he loved only to see he wanted nothing to do with him and from there the murder spree started.
This is what amazed me the most, the FBI had ways to catch him and they could not even when records show he was not hiding the two months he was in Miami, and he purchased things and exchanged things in pawn shops where he used his fingerprints and real name, it took Versace’s murder for the FBI to really go after him. Ricky Martin explained that fliers of Cunanan as a most wanted were locked in a trunk of a car (Rorke, 2018).
The cast was really great, starring with Darren Criss as Cunanan, they all did. A spectacular job. The likeliness of the cast with the real people they portrayed was amazing. Darren really looks like Andrew and Edgar looks like Gianni.
The one thing I did not like was the sequence, they should have done it in order of events, for me it was too confusing at times putting all the pieces together, but other than that the show was really good. Coming next news are saying it will about Katrina, let’s see how that goes. I† would be interesting if they did a season about John Lennon, that sadly happened by the hands of another madman.

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