Tom Petty: An American Treasure

Tom Petty “An American Dream”
I basically knew of Tom Petty based on his work on the 80’s. He was big on MTV with hits like “Don’t come around here no more”, “Free Fallin”, “Into the great wide open” and his work with the super group The Traveling Wlburys with George Harrison and Bob Dylan among others. In truth, Petty began in 1977 with the heartbreakers and had a an amazing career until he passed on 2017.
Released on September 28of this year, An American treasure is a collection of songs, some were unreleased, other are live and others are different takes. One thing I would point out is that this is not a greatest hits collection, his biggest songs are not included. But it is a great collection of songs that show Tom’s talent as a songwriter and musician.
For me the highlights are: “Lost in your eyes”, “Something good coming”, “Keeping me alive” and “Keep a little soul”.
Definitively a great collection for any Tom Petty fan, if you have not heard of him before I would buy the “best of everything” compilation album to be released on February that works more as a greatest hits collection.

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