The Prince of Tides

The Prince of Tides 1991
Starring Nick Nolte and Barbara Streisand
Directed by Streisand
There are movies that mark your life. For this is a movie that really impressed me a lot. It is such a beautiful yet sad story. I remember going to the movie theater with my father and sister. My father always took us to see so many great films, with I learned of actors like Pacino and Nicholson.
The movie centers around Tom Wingo and how he copes with talking about the secrets he fought all his life to keep in order to save his sister who tried to commit suicide. There he meets Dr. Lowenstein, who is the doctor treating his sister. So, we get a deeper understanding of the family’s history with a series of flashbacks as he serves as his sister memory. Tom is really struggling with the death of his brother and he is having problems with his wife. the shocking reveal of the big secret of the family leaves us amazed at how these kids lived through that.
This has to be Nick Nolte’s greatest performance, earning him an Oscar nomination for best actor and he really deserved it. He is funny and heartbreaking at the same time. He did an amazing job at portraying this man who just can’t deal with the reality of his past and jokes his way out of everything situation. Besides the scene where he reveals what happened to his sister, another great scene in the movie is where Tom threatens to break Dr. Lowenstein’s husband’s violin.
This is a true classic and one film that I still see from time to time and really enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “The Prince of Tides

  1. I must admit that I've only watch it once, even though it impacted me just as it impacted you. I still remember the scene of that terrifying event and still can't imagine how a mother put her children through that silence. . . I think the impression of it was great. Must say our parents helped us cultivate our love for storytelling in all its various manifestations: the written word, film and music.


  2. It is hard still to see that scene, but I really love the rest of the story, the movie turns from saving his sister to saving him. Nick Nolte is so good in it. And yeah our parents really showed us great music, films and books.


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