Elvis Presley: The Searcher

Elvis Presley: The searcher
This is an HBO documentary that premiered in August 2018.
As a rock and roll fan, you have to respect Elvis and the impact he had on music. Is the same way I feel abut The Beatles, you might not like them, but their impact is hard to deny.  I know of Elvis through my mother, she is a huge fan. And I like his music and believe he had an amazing voice. With insights from Priscila Presley and using the Graceland archives, we get a excellent and deep look at the man, not the myth.
I really found so much information about Elvis that I never knew, and even for fans there are things here that they might not know. In terms of documentaries about singers or bands, I think this is one of the best, alone with Imagine: John Lennon and a Montage of heck: Kurt Cobain.
The one story that really touched me is the story behind the performance of the song If I can dream on his comeback special in 1968. If you see it, he sang it with such passion it really elevated the song. Sometimes we see them as rock stars we forget they are human, here we see the man behind the rock icon.

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