Spider-Man (2002)

Spider-Man (2002)
Starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco and Willem Dafoe
Directed by Sam Raimi
The trailer for the new Spider-Man movie was released yesterday, and I loved what I saw. It has been a while since I felt like I was going to see a good Spider-Man movie. The truth is, Spider-Man is my favorite hero from the Marvel Universe, I used to read all the comics when I was in high school. For years all we could have of Spider-man was cartoons because it was hard to have in live action someone web-swinging all over New York, and the cartoons were really good and I still like them, specially the classic 60’s cartoon that gave us the theme song, and one that aired on fox along the same time as the Batman Animated series was also good. So, when in 2002 a live action Spider-man film was announced, I was so excited. And the movie did not disappoint and was a huge success.
The story is based on basic stories from the comic books. They are not exactly as in the comic books but from there the basic ideas were drawn. The first half could be based on the Amazing Fantasy issue #15 where Spider-Man is introduced. There we see how he is bitten by the spider and his uncle getting killed, leading him up to the path of the hero. The main story is based, I think, on the story where the Green Goblin discovers his identity and ends up killing Gwen Stacy. Although things were changed, like the fact that Spider-man did not use web shooters, instead it was part of the powers he acquired, they went straight with Mary Jane and the ending conflict with The Goblin, MJ survived. But those changes were understood, at least for me, and really worked for the film. The story was so well developed and directed. The best was seeing Spider-man in action and swinging all over New York.
I liked the casting also, Tobey did a great job as Peter Parker/Spider-man, at least in the first two, the third was one was not the best to say the least. Willem Dafoe is a proven actor and he did resemble the Goblin, Kirsten Dunst was sweet as MJ and James Franco also was really good in the movie. I really fell in love with the movie and felt like a little kid finally seeing my hero in action in something other than a cartoon.
I wanted to go back to talking about this entry in the Spider-man movies, because with the release of the trailer of Spider-man: Far from home, I feel as excited about the film as I did for the first two Raimi films. The third one had to many characters and too many flaws in the acting and the story. Then came the Amazing Spider-man that was ok, and I loved the chemistry between Andre and Emma Stone. In fact, that was the highlight of those two films and they tried to be more faithful with the Gwen Stacy story but in my eyes, they failed. Having the Harry instead of his father as the goblin was wrong and the design and actor that did the character was not convincing for me. Then came the news that Spider-Man entered the Marvel Studios Universe and that was really exciting, and when he appeared on the great Civil War movie, wow that was just great. Spider-Man: Homecoming was the first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I really liked Keaton as the Vulture, for me what I did not like was the constant presence of Iron Man, although I love the character. But the trailer for this one has given the same enthusiasm that I got in 2002 for the first Spider-Man film.

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