Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Terminator 2 Judgement Day released in 1991
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Eddie Furlong and Robert Patrick 
Directed by James Cameron
I was thinking about my favorite films and decided to talk about one of the first films I saw more than once in a movie theater, 5 times to be exact. Even though another Cameron films holds the record for me (I saw Titanic 15 times in its original run), T2 is one of my all-time favorite movies. 
The story follows the event of the first Terminator movie. The movie takes us years later to where John Connor is 10 years old and living with foster parents because Sarah, his mother, is in a mental hospital. The plot is basically the same concept, two terminators are sent back in time, one to protect and the other to kill John. This time Arnold plays the protector and Robert plays the menacing and amazing T-1000. After the T-800 reaches John and saves Sarah, they embark on a mission to prevent the awful future that waits humanity in the hands of the machines. 
James Cameron did such a great job at elevating what he achieved in the first film with the story and the special effects. I remember the amazement of seeing the T-1000 change forms and go through walls, and he did run fast. But the story was developed so well and took all that worked on the first film and made it bigger and better. I liked that Miles, the person responsible for the technology that would lead to the machines taking over, was not a bad person, he actually meant well and you can see his dilemma upon meeting the Terminator and Sarah of what his research would actually do. The relationship between John and the terminator worked perfectly also, to see this machine reaching an understanding of humanity, and Arnold did a great job at maintaining the fact that he was still a machine while learning human nature. 
The action is solid in the film and one thing I liked also was the fact that Sarah was no longer weak and scared, she now was a warrior that new about guns and how to fight, how classic is that scene where she is firing and loading with an injured hand the weapon to fire at the T-1000. The scene at Cyberdyne is also a classic scene with so much going on that is still to this day a beauty to see. 
The movie for me it is perfect, after so many years I still enjoy the movie very much. And who can forget the music video by Guns N Roses where Arnold is targeting Axl Rose. 

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