The Kominsky Method (2018-2021)

The Kominsky Method a Netflix original. series.

Just finished the third and final season and I have to say that it was a great show. The writing was clever and a great balance between comedy and series situations. The main story is about two friends coping with old age and family and work. I don’t like going into story details so I don’t give away much. From the second more great characters were added in this show that dealt with life with humor but with honesty.

The best points for the show is having two great actors leading the charge. Micheal Douglas is so funny and great in the role of Sandy, an acting teacher in his own school that he runs with the help of his daughter. And the great Alan Arkin, he is really funny and moving in his performance. The show looks at growing old and makes fun of it, like Douglas said in his acceptance speech upon winning the Golden Globe for the role, he said the creator Chuck Lorre just thinks getting old is funny. the rest of the cast does a great job also, Nancy Travis plays the love interest of Sandy in the first two seasons. Later actors that were added like Paul Reiser as Mindy’s love interest and Kathleen Turner as Sandy’s ex-wife and Mindy’s mother and they both were so funny and yet moving. I have to mention Haley Joel Osment, he played Norman’s grandson and his performance in my opinion was hilarious.

Like I said before this had the perfect match of having great writers and the perfect actors to tell the story of growing old but with humor and honesty, were we can laugh about it but at the same time see the hardships of it. I absolutely loved the show from season 1 to the final episode.

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