Golden Globes Awards 2019

Award season has started. Last night saw the ceremony of the Golden Globes, award given for films and television. The opening was not that funny, though I liked the tone of the jokes, they did not look to offend anyone, but maybe that is because of the sensitivity that now looms over the industry. I think the best part of the opening was the part that Jim Carrey participated. But I will give you my feeling on the evening. I focus on movies not the television awards.

The best picture drama went to Bohemian Rhapsody, a great film by all means, but I don’t see it as the best picture. Don’t get me wrong I loved it, but I have to say A Star is Born was my favorite because the emotion behind the movie and just how well the movie was made. A close second would have been BlacKkKlansman, that movie was so powerful and a message so relevant to today. So, I was surprised that the Queen film won, like I said, not that is a bad film.

The best actor went to Rami Malek, totally deserving. I was torn between him and Bradley, I think Bradley has done great roles lately and he really did an amazing job as Jack. The sadness of the character was perfectly portrayed by Cooper. But Malik truly brought Freddie back to life, he did an amazing job. It was a hard category because Willem Dafoe is a great actor and I want to see the move that he was nominated for.

The best actress went to Glen to Close, a great actress no doubt, and I have not seen the movie so it would be unfair to say anything other than I was shocked because the buzz was the Lady GaGA would win. But that is okay sometimes, not to be as predictable and sometimes those that generate buzz are not the best in the category, though GaGa was great as Ally, for me it was Bradley that carried the film. Let’s see how it goes on other awards as we reach Oscar night.

For best picture musical or comedy the winner was the Green Book, I suspect that movie will win by Oscar night, I have not seen it so again can’t say it did not deserve it, it certainly looks like a good movie. Vice is also a movie that looks so good and has a great cast, I want to see that one also. Mary Poppins was a nice film but it was hard for it to win.

Best Actor Musical or comedy went to Christian Bale, a true chameleon. I want to see the movie, but Bale is a great actor. For the Oscars it will be hard because the actor’s categories (and actress) are decided in the Golden Globes, but in the Oscars they all compete so it is going to be interesting how that goes.

Best actress in a musical or comedy went to Olivia Colman for the Favorite, a movie I am planning to see because it looks very good. I don’t think there were many obvious choices here, Blunt s Mary Poppins was great but I never saw her winning.

For best director I really wanted Bradley to win, he did a great job on that film and everyone was praising him. I don’t know maybe Bradley will be the new Leonardo DiCaprio, let’s hope not. The director for the film Roma won best director.

The animated film that won was a surprise too, finally Disney loses, I think Pixar movies have dominated this category, I did not love the film, honestly I liked Ralph breaks the internet better. Spiderman: Into the spider-verse visually was great, but the rest for me, and I am a huge Spiderman fan, it did not work. I hated the Spider-pig and the hip hop style of the movie.

 I liked that it was not predictable and in the end, unlike other years, even if my favorite did not win, the one’s that won were good films.

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