The Beatles (White Album) 50th anniversary edition

The Beatles (White Album) 50th anniversary edition

It is hard to pick one, but for me this was their best album. Even if the band was starting to drift apart, for this album they were a band again. Like always Paul has a few songs that he only plays and Ringo walked out for a few weeks, but when he returned the band just played. The album has so many good songs and so varied. No song is alike but the band it’s on their best on this one.


After The Beatles spent years on hard touring schedule, they decided to stop touring and focus on making records. The result was the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band, an album that many consider a masterpiece and considered an album that changed how an album was looked at. After that there was their first failure in the movie Magical Mystery Tour although the songs were successful. They really needed a time to relax and they found in going to a meditation retreat. It was there that John, Paul and George wrote most of the songs that found their place in the white album.

About this remaster I have to say its way better than the 2009 editions. When Giles Martin released the Sgt Pepper remastered on 2017, I thought and hoped they would do the same with The Beatles (white album), in fact they should do the same for all the albums or at least for Rubber Soul, Revolver, Let it be and Abbey Road. The work Giles has done is so great, you can appreciate every instrument so clear and it shows the great musicians they were. The price is worth it, I compare it to recent releases like Bob Dylan’s “More blood, more tracks” box set that it basically contains the same songs over and over again, and I love Dylan and that album. Here you can see different instruments or harmonies, and it contains songs never released by the Beatles.

The Esther demos is a definite highlight. The Beatles playing the songs for each other for the first time and they sound great, most of them complete performances and some never recorded by the band, like Lennon’s Child of nature that later became Jealous Guy released on his Imagine album. Also, to listen a different solo by Eric Clapton for While my guitar gently weeps is such a treat!

The package is beautiful with great information on the songs and the period. For any fan of the band this is a must have.

Still better music and product compare to the mediocre music of today!!?

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