Spider-man: into the spider-verse

Spider-man: Into the Spider verse
I wanted to like it. I am a big Spider-man fan, it was my favorite comic and the first two live action films are in my opinion the best Spiderman films, yes including the one from Marvel studios.
I will start with what I liked. The comic style of the movie was good and interesting visually. The animation was also good and the action sequences looked great. The story was ok, although if treated in a different way it could have been better. I remember a playstation 3 game that had the same concept and it was so cool the future Spidy and one looked similar to the Noir one on the film. Maybe it was to aimed for kids for my taste, and I hated the pig Spiderman.
I think the upcoming Spiderman has great potential and I can’t wait to see Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. I like Tom Holland as Spiderman and Homecoming was good, but I hope the next one will be up to par with the Riami’ movies ( 1 and 2, the 3 was a mistake the way it was done).

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