October Sky

October Sky
Jake Gyllenhaal Chris Cooper
 This is such an inspirational movie. I don’t remember if it was a hit or not, but I have always loved it. Based on the true story of Homer Hickam Jr. and his friends who decided to ga against all the odds in hope of reaching more than what the town had for them.
Four boys from a town in West Virginia, known as Coal-wood, known for being a coal working town, almost all who lived there worked on the mines. Homer lives with his father, who was a boss at the mine, his mother and his brother.  The premise of the film is the desire of this boys to go to college and not end up working on the mines and that brings them all together to try to make rockets fly, inspired by a Russian missile launched in the 50’s. The drama starts as Homer’s father does not approve the hope and aspirations of Homer to do something different with his life.
The movie is funny and moving and has plenty of drama. Chris Cooper plays Homer’s dad and does a great job in the role. The film also features Jake Gyllenhaal in his breakthrough performance. Laura Dern also stars as Homer’s teacher and overall the film has a great cast.
The movie is directed by Joe Johnston who as I learned today has worked in some way in films like Star Wars, Raiders of the lost ark, Willow and Captain America: the first Avenger.
This is one of my favorite movies and I think is proof to young kids that they can achieve something if they put their minds to it.

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