Aquaman 2018

Aquaman 2018
This is a film I wanted to see because I like the sea and it fascinated me how the animals were used a horses in wars. Maybe I am of the few who enjoys the DC movies. Man of Steel was a good take on Superman, Batman v Superman was not perfect but I still enjoyed it, maybe the biggest flaw was the casting choice for lex or how he was portrayed. I liked Wonder Woman and Justice League. But I have to say, Aquaman is my favorite so far.
The movie is fun, funny and the action starts from the beginning and the intro to the character does not take half the film. Jason Momoa does a great job in the role. And what a cool surprise to see Dolph Lundgren as one of the kings, also Nicole Kidman and Willem Defoe added so much to the film.
The effects were great, I really liked how they used the animals, the sharks, dolphins and others.

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